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1. Please, fill out the registration form in the left side of the screen.
2. You will receive email with confirmation for registration of your counter.
3. To activate your counter you have to click on the link in the received email.
4. Take the HTML code of your counter and put it in your web site(s).

Your counter will start immediately to collect the data after you put the HTML code in your site. Your statistics will be updated every 15 minutes.


When you register, please provide us with working email address, otherwise you will not receive confirmation email with the activation link and your HTML code.

Free CQ Counter Terms of Use

Free CQ Counter may only be used on sites that do not have offensive, discriminating and/or in breach of the law contents.
  • The CQ Counter logo must be visible and clickable.
  • Limit one free counter per site.
  • The HTML counter code may not be adjusted in any way.
  • Free CQ Counter is a public counter.
CQ Counter reserves the right at all times to remove counters and/or accounts without giving reasons.


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