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Enter Web Site URL Address: Flwor Power - Powered by XQuery
Showcasing the power of xquery  

Flwor Power - Powered by XQuery

Description: Showcasing the power of xquery

Keywords: xquery, flwor, xml, query, xquery update facility, marklogic, exist, existdb, xsl, xslt, xpath, zorba, saxon, basex, EMC Documentum xDB, Melbourne, Australia

Tags: flworpower, xquery, power, flwor, powered, language, marklogic, zorba, exist, query, hope, server, wiki, follow, view, frglps, twitter, christian, profile, showcasing, linkedin, protocol, functx, wikibooks, application, builder, publishing, atom, markmail, atomic, let, return, order, structured, markup, extensible, xml, xpath, following, saxon,

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Organization Crucial Paradigm
Internet Service Provider Crucial Paradigm
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Date Mon, 11 Apr 2011 13:35:10 GMT
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